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Spooky-Ah McMaster | 1080C Productions

Spooky-ah occurrences at McMaster College will surely make you shake and cry when one student's drawings come to life.


Directed by:

Kimberly Young

Assistant Directors:

Caitlyn Melton

Sam Candor


Aaron Jacobs as "JO"

Rodney Payden as "SHYGUY DRAWING"

Silas Gallagher as "TREE-MAN DRAWING"

Camera Operator:

Reese Bell

Assistant Camera:

Audrey Moore

Edited by:

Caitlyn Melton

Sound Technicians:

Harry Burgess

Reiko Calloway

Prop Masters:

Bradlee Logan & Kimberly Young

Script Supervisor:

Sam Candor


"Voices in my Head" by Quincas Moreiera

"Spooky-Ah McMaster" a 1080C Production.