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Geoseminar | 1080C Productions

Ever hear about that joke about sediments? They rock...


Directed by:

Jamie Bass

Written by:

Anna Gallaway

Produced by:

Jonathan Yi


Anna Gallaway as "UNDERGRAD"

Bill Frye as "BENJAMIN"

Adams Keefer as "DRAKE"

Anthony Cali as "GUILLERMO"

Jonathan Yi as "KENNY"

Veronica Merchelski as "KHLO√Č"

Jackson Reizer as "SQUANCHO"

Hallie Brewington as "NICKY"

Chloe Brown as "GRAD STUDENT #1"

Lauren Hansborough as "GRAD STUDENT #2"

Cinematography by:

Jonathan Yi

Edited by:

Jonathan Yi & Jamie Bass

Assistant Camera:

Andres Montes

Sound Mixers:

Mary Des Parker & Chloe Brown

Production Assistants:

Bill Frye, Mary Des Parker, Chloe Brown, Lauren Hansborough

Script Supervisor:

Veronica Merchelski


"Habanera" by Bizet

"Rodeo Show" by The Green Orbs

"Hon Kyoku" by Doug Maxwell and Zac Zinger

"Greaser" by TrackTribe

All music via the YouTube Audio Library.

"Geoseminar" a 1080C Production.