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Wrong Girl | Seven Hearts Productions

Steven, a human trafficker is looking for his next victim. He comes across Heather, your average waitress, but soon finds out she isn't as innocent as she seems.


Written and Directed by:

Caitlyn Melton


Guy Mancine as "STEVEN"

Morgan Passley as "HEATHER"

Changler Lower as "REESE"


Kaitlyn Wallace

Veronica Merchelski

Kimberly Young

Billy Petty

Jackson Reizer

Connor Ronan

Reiko Calloway

Laney Howard

Santoria Jacobs

Anthony McCutchen

Claire Runyan

Dominique Outler

Bradlee Logan

Aryan Anand

Produced By:

Caitlyn Melton

Delaney Flanagan

Cinematography By:

Andy Beck

Andres Montes

Sound Technicians:

Harry Burgess

Jake Clancy

Andres Montes

Caroline Torrone

Connor Ronan


Owen Coulam

Andy Beck

Trey Lovelace

Andres Montes

Edited By:

Caitlyn Melton

Andy Beck


Andy Beck

Set Design:

Caitlyn Melton

Delaney Flanagan

Casting Directors:

Caitlyn Melton

Delaney Flanagan


"Smokey's Lounge" by TrackTribe

"Missing Persons" by Jeremy Blake

"Tempting Fate" by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Special Thanks To:

Jana Melton, Eric Melton, Delaney Flanagan, Andy Beck, Morgan Passley, Guy Mancine, Chandler Lowe, Trevor Valentine, Hadley Schaffer, James Henderson, SGTV Creative, 1080C Productions

"Wrong Girl" is a Seven Hearts Productions.