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Complete Embarrassment | The CLS :Dropout Special

Veronica and Jamie have to complete some truly embarrassing challenges for $20. You know what they say about $20... It's $20.


00:00 - Intro

01:51 - Rules + Development of Challenges

05:57 - Challenges

06:29 - Jamie's Prep

08:33 - Jamie's Challenge

17:26 - Jamie's Victory

18:39 - Veronica's Prep

20:45 - Veronica's Challenge

22:10 - The Ralfey Rap

25:08 - Veronica's Challenge (cont.)

26:08 - Veronica's Victory

27:05 - Outro


Directed by:

Tyler Perrone

Produced by:

Tyler Perrone & Jonathan Yi


Tyler Perrone

Jamie Bass

Veronica Merchelski

Alex Fridley

Mary Des Parker

JP Barry

Fiona Schreier

Ishveen Gujral

Harry Burgess

John Wesley Kornahrens III

Asher Thompson

Camera Operators:

Jonathan Yi & Andy Beck

Edited by:

Tyler Perrone & Jonathan Yi


“Sunset Dream” by Cheel

“City Walk” by John Patitucci

“Will 2 Pwr” by

“Peachy” by

“Insta Beat Vixens” by

“Gemini” by

“Sharp Edges” by

“Ghosting” by 4Batz Type Beat

“Sharp Edges” by

“CLS Theme” composed by Fiona Schreier

Outro Drum Beat by Tyler Perrone

“Complete Embarrassment” is a parody of “Total Forgiveness” which is a property of :Dropout (CH Media).

“Complete Embarrassment”, an SGTV Creative Production