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Jonathan Yi


Framing and Shot Composition | Budget Film School

On this episode of the Budget Film School, learn all about framing and shot composition to help you with your videography!===CREDITS===Written and Directed By:Jonathan YiProduced By:Bill Brown IIIAssistant Camera:Jamie Bass2nd Assistant Camera:Bradlee LoganSound:Harry BurgessEdited By:Jonathan Yi and Jamie Bass"The Budget Film School" a 1080C Production

Carolina Tonight

The Valentine's Day Episode | The Carolina Late Show

A CLS Valentine's Day Special full of broken hearts, busted presentations, and bashful speed dating. Only on the Carolina Late Show!===CREDITS===Executive Producer:Sam CandorSTARRING (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE):Sam CandorTyler PerroneJonathan YiJohn Wesley Kornahrens IIIJacob PerdueLiv MoodyAsher ThompsonJamie BassHarry BurgessTech Operators:Doug Andreuzzi, Mary Des Parker, Micah Rhoades, and Caroline SmithAudio Designers:Mary Des Parker and Jonathan YiAssistant Camera:Jamie Bass"CLS Theme" Composer:Fiona SchreierEdited By:Jonathan Yi and Jamie Bass"The Carolina Late Show" is a property of Student Gamecock Television.

Carolina Tonight

"GrubHub Bots, Talking Dogs, and a Live Studio Audience" | Carolina Tonight Live!

Kicking off the Spring with a bang! The CTeam is back with a new live sketch comedy show about GrubHub Robots, Talking Dogs, and much much more!===CREDITS===Executive Producer:Billy PettyEdited by:Jonathan YiSTARRING:Asher Thompson as "GROUNDHOG DAY ORATOR #2", "LOGAN", and "LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE MEMBER"Billy Petty as "CHARLES", "GRUBHUB BOT #2", and "LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE MEMBER"Camden Svec as "GROUNDHOG DAY ORATOR #1", "'VOICE' OF SPARKLES THE DOG", and "LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE MEMBER"Chloe Brown as "LYDIA", "SPARKLES THE DOG", AND "LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE MEMBER"Fiona Schreier as "CLARA"Harry Burgess as "BEA", "MEAN CT AP", and "LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE MEMBER"Ishveen Gujral as "SOPHIA"Jacob Perdue as "APPLAUSE SIGN BOY"James Nolan as "GRUBHUB BOT #1" AND "TODD"Jamie Bass as "BRETT"Jonathan Yi as "PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL", "CHRIS", and "LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE MEMBER"Liv Moody as "MARSHA" and "LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE MEMBER"Sam Candor as "MIKE", "RYAN", and "LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE MEMBER"This show includes (in order):"Intervention" written by Billy Petty"The Third Wheel" written by Jacob Perdue"Hell Naw" written by Sam Candor"Live Studio Audience" written by Jamie BassProp Design By:Jonathan YiCamera Operators:John Wesley Kornahrens IIIFilmed Live in Russell Underground on February 8th, 2024.Outro Music: "Cat Circus" by Doug Maxwell via The YouTube Audio Library"Carolina Tonight Live!" is a property of SGTV.

Carolina Tonight

Meet The Cast of Carolina Tonight! | CT Promo

Meet The Cast of Carolina Tonight for the Spring 2024 Semester!!!===CREDITS===Directed by:Jonathan YiSTARRING:Bill Frye as VOJamie BassChloe BrownHarry BurgessSamuel CandorIshveen GujralWill GunterLiv MoodyJames NolanTyler PerroneBilly PettyJacob PerdueFiona SchreierCamden SvecAsher ThompsonOlivia WamaiJonathan YiEdited by:Jonathan YiFilmed in Russell Underground"Carolina Tonight" is a property of Student Gamecock Television

Carolina Tonight

The Office Episode | The Carolina Late Show

Hot off the heels of last season, The Carolina Late Show finds itself in a new workplace, with a new team of amateur sketch writers, and on a new channel! Come and see how they all adjust in The Office.===CREDITS===Executive Producer:Sam CandorDirected By:Jonathan YiSTARRING (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE):Camden SvecJohn Wesley Kornahrens IIIOlivia WamaiAsher ThompsonHarry BurgessJames NolanSam CandorTyler PerroneVeronica MerchelskiLiv MoodyChloe BrownWill GunterFiona SchreierJacob PerdueDoug AndreuzziSpencer BallJP BarryAnna GallawayIshveen GujralJonathan YiMary Des ParkerBilly PettyDirector of Photography:Jonathan YiAssistant CameraJamie BassAudio DesignerJonathan Yi"CLS Theme" Composer:Fiona SchrierInspired By"The Office" a Property of NBCStudent Gamecock Television does not claim ownership of either "The Office" or "The Office Theme" composed by Jay Ferguson. Its use in the opening falls under fair-use as a parody."The Carolina Late Show" is a property of Student Gamecock Television.


Master Chef's Mortal Enemy | USC Signature Dish S2E1

Gamecocks are back in the kitchen with host Veronica Merchelski. This weeks episode, two chefs go head to head for the cooking battle of a lifetime! How will these two amateurs rise above the trials and tribulations of making gnocchi?Anchors: Veronica MerchelskiSpecial Guests: Jonathan Yi, John Wesley KornahrensProducers: Veronica Merchelski, Samuel CandorCamera: Liv Moody, Tristan Bonomo, Jamie Bass--------------------------------------------------------Credits:Music: Sneaky Snitch by Sascha EndeWebsite: under CC BY 4.0: Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 008 by Sascha EndeWebsite: under CC BY 4.0:

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