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Will Gunter

Carolina Tonight

Meet The Cast of Carolina Tonight! | CT Promo

Meet The Cast of Carolina Tonight for the Spring 2024 Semester!!!===CREDITS===Directed by:Jonathan YiSTARRING:Bill Frye as VOJamie BassChloe BrownHarry BurgessSamuel CandorIshveen GujralWill GunterLiv MoodyJames NolanTyler PerroneBilly PettyJacob PerdueFiona SchreierCamden SvecAsher ThompsonOlivia WamaiJonathan YiEdited by:Jonathan YiFilmed in Russell Underground"Carolina Tonight" is a property of Student Gamecock Television


The Office Episode | The Carolina Late Show

Hot off the heels of last season, The Carolina Late Show finds itself in a new workplace, with a new team of amateur sketch writers, and on a new channel! Come and see how they all adjust in The Office.===CREDITS===Executive Producer:Sam CandorDirected By:Jonathan YiSTARRING (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE):Camden SvecJohn Wesley Kornahrens IIIOlivia WamaiAsher ThompsonHarry BurgessJames NolanSam CandorTyler PerroneVeronica MerchelskiLiv MoodyChloe BrownWill GunterFiona SchreierJacob PerdueDoug AndreuzziSpencer BallJP BarryAnna GallawayIshveen GujralJonathan YiMary Des ParkerBilly PettyDirector of Photography:Jonathan YiAssistant CameraJamie BassAudio DesignerJonathan Yi"CLS Theme" Composer:Fiona SchrierInspired By"The Office" a Property of NBCStudent Gamecock Television does not claim ownership of either "The Office" or "The Office Theme" composed by Jay Ferguson. Its use in the opening falls under fair-use as a parody."The Carolina Late Show" is a property of Student Gamecock Television.

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