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Carolina Tonight

The Office Episode | The Carolina Late Show

Hot off the heels of last season, The Carolina Late Show finds itself in a new workplace, with a new team of amateur sketch writers, and on a new channel! Come and see how they all adjust in The Office.


Executive Producer:

Sam Candor

Directed By:

Jonathan Yi


Camden Svec

John Wesley Kornahrens III

Olivia Wamai

Asher Thompson

Harry Burgess

James Nolan

Sam Candor

Tyler Perrone

Veronica Merchelski

Liv Moody

Chloe Brown

Will Gunter

Fiona Schreier

Jacob Perdue

Doug Andreuzzi

Spencer Ball

JP Barry

Anna Gallaway

Ishveen Gujral

Jonathan Yi

Mary Des Parker

Billy Petty

Director of Photography:

Jonathan Yi

Assistant Camera

Jamie Bass

Audio Designer

Jonathan Yi

"CLS Theme" Composer:

Fiona Schrier

Inspired By

"The Office" a Property of NBC

Student Gamecock Television does not claim ownership of either "The Office" or "The Office Theme" composed by Jay Ferguson. Its use in the opening falls under fair-use as a parody.

"The Carolina Late Show" is a property of Student Gamecock Television.