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Fame Chaser | The CLS :Dropout Special

Tyler Perrone, Liv Moody, & Fiona Schreier all compete to see if they are able to classify foods using a meme from the first season of The Carolina Late Show.


Hosted by:

Sam Candor

Produced by:

Sam Candor, Tyler Perrone, John Wesley Kornahrens III, Jonathan Yi


Tyler Perrone

Liv Moody

Fiona Schreier

Game Makers:

Jonathan Yi & Sam Candor

Score Keepers:

Jamie Bass

Ishveen Gujral

Tech Operators:

Doug Andreuzzi

Mia Johnson

Mary Des Parker

Micah Rhodes

Edited by:

Sam Candor

“CLS Theme” composed by Fiona Schreier

“Fame Chaser” is a parody of “Game Changer” which is a property of :Dropout (CH Media).

“Fame Chaser”, an SGTV Creative Production.